Archery Services

At Black Street Archery we perform professional service on bows, crossbows, and archery equipmentfrom any manufacturer.  Our goal is to ensure that each customers equipment is properly fitted and tuned to each individual for maximum performance.

New Setup

Custom setup is included with the purchase of all new equipment.  Setup for all other equipment is performed at our standard hourly rates.  A new setup includes the following adjustments or installations:

  • Draw Length
  • Draw Weight 
  • Peep Sight 
  • D-Loop
  • Sight
  • Arrow Rest


To keep ensure your equipment is performing its best, we recommend annual tuning be performed.  The following tuning services are available:

  • Paper Tuning
  • Center Shot Tuning
  • Bare Shaft Tuning
  • Chronograph Measurement
  • Peep Sight Alignment
  • Arrow Spine Selection
  • Arrow F.O.C. Adjustments
  • Sighting and Sight Tapes
  • Broadhead Tuning
  • Cam Adjustment


Wear and tear, dry-fires, drops, derailments, and busted arrows happen.  We perform maintenance and repair services for archery equipment from every manufacturer to keep you shooting in the field or on the range.  Some examples of maintenance services we provide are:

  • New String and Cable Sets
  • String Waxing
  • Limb Replacement
  • Cam Replacement